The trends of internet marketing have always been
evolving. Back then, it was article marketing. Then
came the paid advertising era of PPC and PPV.
Today, we have Video Marketing.

What is video marketing? Video marketing is the
art of using videos to market and grow your business.
This could be in the form of using videos for getting
leads, building traffic or selling a video product.

Video marketing is great because it has the ability to
grow virally. Viral marketing as in it spreads as fast and
as wide as a biological virus, but in the marketing sense.
This can help you reach a wide audience in a short amount
of time and at a low cost.

People love watching videos, so much more because you
can incorporate visual and audio elements which can excite
emotions and make content interesting. E-books are so
yesterday and have a hard time keeping up with videos which
have been  getting better and better.

One of the most useful sites out there is YouTube – The world’s
largest video sharing site. We shall look into the power of
YouTube in the next section.

As mentioned, YouTube is the world’s
largest video sharing website. Why
are they called video sharing sites? It’s
because everyone who uploads videos
are like a TV channel of their own – You
can get subscribers and people who watch
your videos can freely share it with others
through a wide variety of social media sharing tools available. The
popularity of YouTube has exploded, and businesses, big or small,
stand a lot to gain by tapping into this phenomenon.

YouTube allows you to upload videos for free, and if your videos
meet their standards they will offer you a director’s status, where
you can post videos longer than 10 minutes.

One good thing about YouTube is that you can post descriptions
down at the bottom box of your videos. This allows you to draw
traffic to your website and write descriptions about your videos.

YouTube also has the added benefit of being owned by Google, the
largest search engine in the world. Because of that, YouTube videos
rank highly on Google, and you can draw tons of traffic by targeting
keywords with high search volume that are related to your niche.


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