Wow… Time sure flies by in a hurry.  It’s true I haven’t been
around in a few weeks. I had not realized just how long it had
been until I noticed I had not posted anything during the entire
month of June.  I certainly didn’t know it had been that long.  The
truth is something unexpected happened within the family that
knocked the wind out of me and just took me out of commission
for a little while and before I was recovered from that (mentally
and emotionally) I came down with a horrific flu bug that made me
so sick I thought I was going to meet my maker.  But after a few days
I finally recovered from the bug; however, my heart is still a little
heavy from the first thing.

But I am back.  I told myself I just had to get back to work; the sooner
the better.  Putting it off wasn’t doing me a bit of good.

Let me tell you what is funny about that.  Maybe not funny, haha; but
funny, interesting. As I was trying to get myself back into the work mode
I ran across an article written by a fellow blogger.

It was a Ramble about Two BIG Reasons Many People Fail!  In reading
his blog I was able to relate to it so well that I felt like he was writing
about me and since he told us that we could paraphrase, reword, chop it
up or whatever we wanted to do with it and use it in our own blogs if we
wanted I decided that there were parts in it that I couldn’t have said better
myself so I am just going to copy and paste and give full credit to him for
this post so here goes.

Thank you Randy Smith.

 The 1st BIG Reason People Fail – is



I know I’m guilty of it still…
however I’m nothing like as bad as I used to
be! 🙂

There does however seem to be many, many newbies,
who are always waiting for the right product,
or the right opportunity to come along.

They’ll buy all sorts and study and study, then
think about all the things they need in place to
start to make something of all the info they’ve got,

…NEVER to get started… !! 🙁

If they’re like me – it always seems too daunting
taking that first step!
I do hope you’re not one of them ?

But hey – even if you are – it’s OK!
It happens to the best of us. lol

What’s required is a start.
That’s all – just DO SOMETHING – ANYTHING!
That’s what people need to know.

Because strangely enough – once people start
— it’s like that old proverb…

**When the Student is ready —
– The Master will appear!**

Really – they’d be amazed at how many people
there are who are willing to help and guide
them, From people who’s lists they may be on
– to forums full of friendly folk eager to
give others a lift.

I’ve even been surprised myself a few times
– to find some big earning ‘guru types’ offer
to help me out. (I say guru types – as they 
may not be as well known as some of the big 
names, however they do earn some big incomes).

And there are Plenty like myself who are making
nice, regular, extra incomes, that are very
willing to help.

So guys, If you know anyone struggling to get
started, ‘cos they keep putting things off,
Do give them a bit of your time and some
encouragement, you can’t force them.
But sometimes they just need to know that there’s
someone they can turn to for the silliest little

And if you find yourself thinking —
“Hey I’m at that stage” — then do shout up at
a forum you go to, or email me or someone else
who’s list you’re on, and ask questions…

Then Take Action!
No matter how small it may seem —
(here comes another saying…
As the saying goes:–

**The Only Way To Eat An Elephant —
– IS —
– One Bite At A Time**

Well Folks,
That’s reason number 1 why many people fail to

The 2nd BIG reason so many people fail is…

Trying to stay focused through the overwhelming task of
too much information!

Sorting it all out so that you know what’s sounds right
to you, what model you want to pursue, which so called
‘expert’ has the right plan to follow.

When I read thru’ all the offers I get day in and day
out, I know my brain gets confused, I sit here wondering
to whom I should be listening?

If I was starting over from scratch not knowing anything
today I think I’d probably switch off the pc and give

There’s simply TOO much information out there today.
TOO many choices. TOO many people claiming to know 
*The Secret*

Every time I log in to my email account there’s another
guru with another *sure fire winner*

..another webinar to watch. (whoops) 😉

..another eBook that’s a ‘Must Have’….

..another blog to check out… (whoops again) 😉

..another forum that must be joined…

..another squeeze page for a newsletter…

..another social media site to scroll

..or eCourse that promises to put you me on the
road to riches.

Don’t get me wrong guys, there are more and better
information resources available today than EVER before
(but that’s a dilemma, because how is one to define 
which route to take?, and how to get started).

What might be right for one person
– may not suit another!

And, let’s face it… we’re all different people with
different goals, different wants and desires for our
lives and families, different backgrounds, different
experiences, different challenges, and different
ideas of what success looks like for us, right?

Because of that not every solution will work for
It’s about finding the one that works for you and
your life. It’s got to fit you instead of you trying
to fit yourself to it, right?

So in my honest opinion, The only way to make progress 
is to make a decisive choice.
Then (back to reason number 1) Act on it!, – get started 
and stick with it til you’re making some profits.

If you want to diversify later – that’s great.
But really – try to ignore the emails and fancy sales
talk on the ‘Latest Guaranteed must have’ until you’ve
made progress with what you’ve decided to do.

Try to limit your full attention to ‘Your Chosen Field’
If you have to read about others — then do so with a
mind thinking “How would that apply in my area?”

And use their sales talk to improve your knowledge
and activities in your chosen field.

And FINALLY — Don’t buy your next ebook or software

Until you’ve at least had a read through every 
“Unopened” file on your desktop… lol 😉

Well that wraps things up for this post.
The 2nd Big Reason for failure = INFO OVERLOAD!

Written by Randy Smith

There you have it.   I felt I had to share this because there is so much
truth and reality in it.  Just know…. If you have ever felt like this…..
You are not alone!

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